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Khloe Kardashian is living her best life after spliting with childs father and NBA star, Tristan Thompson.  However, Khloe is not afraid to show Tristan what he is missing and will never have back.  The 411 on the streets is... even though Tristan is being spotted with other THOTS he has a bit of remorse messing up his happy family.

Kardashian posted to Instagram recently with her wearing a sparkly sheer bodysuit next to her sisters Kourtney and Kendall.  The post-breakup look was enough to make any man feel remorseful.  She and her crew was in Las Vegas celebrating her bestie, Malika Haqq's 36 birthday when she decide to wear this stunning mesh outfit that displayed her banging curves. 

Khloé Kardashian is reportedly “extremely upset” with ex Tristan Thompson for his lack of involvement in their daughter True Thompson’s life. The two split last month amid allegations that Tristan cheated on Khloé with Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. Since he and Khloé Kardashian broke up last month, Tristan Thompson reportedly hasn’t been as involved with his daughter True as Khloé would like, and she’s apparently over it, according to a source who spoke with Us Weekly. “Khloé is getting extremely upset with Tristan because he isn’t really making any effort to be involved in their daughter True’s life,” the source said. 

Jumpsuits this year are the new hot dress and are trending in fashion right now.  This sexy ensemble was created by LaQuan Smith, her accessories are heels by Gianvito Rossi ($795 fwrd.com), and belt by Dior Saddle.  Wondering what Tristan is thinking? Hot or not or Karma?

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The 18th edition of the Tribeca Film Festival will open with the premiere of a documentary about New York City’s iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem. The theater was purchased in 1981 by the Inner City Broadcasting Corporation, received landmark status, and was reopened for live entertainment in 1985. The Apollo has since undergone an extensive renovation which continues today. The theater, now run by the Apollo Theater Foundation, continues to be the nation’s most important venue for emerging and established African-American and Latino performers.

Festival organizers Wednesday announced that Roger Ross Williams’ “The Apollo” will kick off the annual festival April 24. The HBO film covers the 85-year history of the Apollo, leading up to a production of Ta-Nehisi (tah neh-HAH’-see) Coates’ “Between the World and Me.” The Apollo will also host the premiere. Opening night of the downtown New York festival has in recent years taken place at the Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side
Robert DeNiro, co-founder of the festival, called the Apollo Theater “a symbol of the creative spirit of New York and beyond.” The Tribeca Film Festival runs April 24 through May 5. Folks you don't want to miss this event! 

Jay Z Committed To Helping 21 Savage and His Deportation Battles... 

A plethora of artists, including Cardi B, Meek Mill, and Offset, have publicly expressed their support of 21 Savage. Jay-Z, however, has gone a step further, hiring top New York-based immigration lawyer Alex Spiro to take the case.  

JAYZ is now the richest musician in the country... According to the Forbes, JAY-Z only follows behind George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan with his net worth of $900 million.Meghan. Jay-Z has put his money where his mouth is also his heart. 

Hired Attorney Spiro, goes on to state..."What we have here is someone who overstayed their visa with an application pending for four years - not a convicted criminal that needs to be detained and removed but, by all accounts a wonderful person, father, and entertainer who has a marijuana offence which was vacated and sealed," said Spiro.

Here we have a contributing member of society, a successful artist nominated for two Grammys this year, a man who pays far more in taxes than his deadbeat detractors. We have a man who in his 19 years in the US has a single charge (subsequently removed from his record) for the possession of a common and now mostly legal substance―a charge that stems from racism in the first place. Further, w ord on the street is that 6ix9ine snitched on 21 Savage get a plea deal on his RICO charges.

There are many family riped apart with the threat of deportation and by no means are we saying saying that hip hop star situation is more important than others but if it quacks like a duck, walk like a duck and looks like a duck what would you call it?

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UPDATE:   After being held and released by ICE, 21 Savage spoke out, “I don’t feel that the policy is broken, I feel that the way they enforce the policy is broken,” 21 Savage said about the U.S. immigration policy.

21 Savage, Demi LaVato and Bebe Rexha Beef...

Demi LaVato has since deactivate her Twitter account and apologized for her insesitive tweet...so for all those who do know the entire story here is the 411... On Sunday, Lovato sparked controversy during the 2019 Super Bowl over her tweet about 21 Savage, née Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, who was arrested on Sunday morning by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for reportedly overstaying his visa. 21 Savage, who was reportedly born on the island of Dominica, which was a British colony, faces a possibility of deportation.   As news of his arrest flooded social media on Sunday, Lovato tweeted, "So far 21 savage memes have been my favorite part of the Super Bowl."

It wasn't long ago that "Well-Wishers" were keeping Demi in their prayers after her near death overdose on illicit drugs.  During that time if anyone were to say anything improper about her demons and long battle with drugs the entire world would have vaporized that person/persons.  Fast forward to 21 Savage deportation situation. It's a situation that has his family, friends and fans in shock, pain and disbelief of the seriousness of his legal deportation battles. To be insensitive rather he is right or wrong, I ask is it right because he is a male?  Rapper?  African-British?

Now Bebe Rexha is defending or co-signing for Demi...when many celebrities such as Tara Banks and another well known fashion designer came to your aide to style her for the Grammies when no other fashion designer was willing to created a size to fit ...  which was on the boarder of body shaming.  Were you not "pissed" as you say for being body shamed Bebe (read the article we published)? People I ask...Should not there had been some undertanding of Demi's, Bebe's and 21 Savage's plight without any mocking, memes, or commericials being created regarding their situation?

This is what Bebe wrote defending Demi...
"To all the people who who talked shit to Demi you’re FUCKIN DISGUSTING. Attacking someone that is 6 months sober about her personal issues with drugs and mental health over a tweet is LOW." 

Lovato's tweet received immediate criticism, with Migos' Offsetseemingly subtweeting the "Skyscraper" singer...

So far Demi Lavato deleting her twitter after being rightfully dragged for making fun of 21 Savage has been my favorite part of the Super Bowl.

What is your take on this situation?  Send it here and we will post it: https://411hotwire.com/story-editorial-submission
21 Savage’s ICE arrest continue to unfold, the Atlanta-based rapper’s lawyer is speaking out. According to the BBC, attorney Charles Kuck is adamant his client never hid his immigration status.
In a statement, Kuck claims the platinum-selling artist’s arrest was “based upon incorrect information about prior criminal charges.” In 2014, 21 Savage — real name Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph — was convicted of drug-related charges, although that conviction was reportedly expunged. 
Kuck says his client was in the process of obtaining a U visa so he could legally stay in the United States. In 2013, 21 Savage was shot six times on his 21st birthday by a rival gang member in an attempted robbery. The ambush took the life of his little brother, Johnny “Tay-Man” Abraham-Joseph.

PHOTGRAPH/PHOTO:  LISA O'CONNOR/AFP/Getty Images Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for iHeartMedia 


Just a few weeks agao Bebe Rexha, took it to the media sounding off against Hollywood's top designers and how they are refusing to dress her for the Grammy Awards.  They are saying the do not have samples in her size. Bebe is a size 6/8 which most of American women are or even a larger size which is normal for everyone but Hollywood.  This is what the singer had to say,

"Im sorry, I had to get this off my chest. If you don’t like my fashion style or my music that’s one thing. But don’t say you can’t dress someone that isn’t a runway size. We are beautiful any size! Small or large! Anddddd My size 8 ass is still going to the Grammys. #LOVEYOURBODY'"

This struck an uneasy cord with Top Model, Tara Banks.  She replied to the popstar,

"The day I met You n Toronto, I knew U were xtra special. R impromptu posing lesson backstage was MAJOR. You stuck that leg & hip out & Tooched & Smized at the same time. Those designers that don’t wanna dress U are DUMB. U my dear @BebeRexha are pure genius...H2T - head to toe!"

Lastly, one of her fans sending a message of encouragment, she said...

​​"Wow I must be obese in a size 16!!! SMH!! Size 8... Honey I haven’t seen a size 8 since 6th grade! Size 8 SMH crazy... Hollywood/Grammys that’s crazy"

This is what BeBe had to say a day after the 2019 Grammy:  

"Everyone kept telling me how many records Meant To Be has broken and how it deserved an award. But We lost a CMA, Billboard, Vma, Grammy. Zilch. And then I thought of what @Drake said last night. “You’ve already won if you have people singing your songs word for word”

However, one of the top designers in hollywood today came to her rescue and she slayed in her fabulous red dress.  What is your opinion?  Did she slay or nay and do you think Hollywood's top designers for the award shows are body shaming and keeping it in the forefront of American society?  What do you think should be done about it?  Send in your comments...


Now that the federal government has temporarily re-open its doors for business President Trump, has announced his bid for re-election in the 2020 PRESIDENTIAL RACE.  This is what PRESIDENT TRUMP recently announced regarding his re-election, 

"Thank you to the Republican National Committee, (the RNC), who voted UNANIMOUSLY yesterday to support me in the upcoming 2020 Election. Considering that we have done more than any Administration in the first two years, this should be easy. More great things now in the works!"
What are your thoughts on that statement?  Do think he did more than any President in recent memory in his first two years?  Do you think he delivered on his promises he made during is Presidential Campaign?  If so why...if not, why?

President Trump and the Democratic Party will resume talks regarding the board wall in mid February.  The President hasn't tone down his rhetoric regarding the boarder wall being a "National Security"  must have.  This is what the President recently reported,

“We absolutely need a physical barrier or Wall, whatever you want to call it. The President yesterday laid all that out. We need to do it all, including the Wall. I provided the same information to the previous administration, & it was ignored.” Mark Morgan, Border Chief for “O”! 'We have turned away, at great expense, two major Caravans, but a big one has now formed and is coming. At least 8000 people! If we had a powerful Wall, they wouldn’t even try to make the long and dangerous journey. Build the Wall and Crime will Fall!
Do you think the reports are accurate and if so who's reporting on these so called caravans?  Who's driving these illegal caravans?

The seventh official has just been indicted by the FBI regard the Russia Collusion in which the President and his team announced he had no prior knowledge of their illegal acts and still continues to take any responsibility on anything close to it.  How many officials have to get arrested before the old saying..."birds of a feather flock together"  rings the bell of truth and if so do we want to keep a person with a "mafia mentality" in the White House?  What are your thoughts and comments... leave them below...

UPDATED:  Congress is set to resolve its clattering brawl with President Donald Trump in uncommonly bipartisan fashion as lawmakers prepare to pass a border security compromise providing a mere sliver of the billions he’s demanded for a wall with Mexico and averting a rekindled government shutdown this weekend.

R. Kelly is feeling the heat in the wake of Surviving R. Kelly. According to TMZ,Kellz’s longtime label Sony Music has parted ways with the R&B superstar. Sources close to Kelly revealed both parties agreed to the separation this week. The label has reportedly been under pressure to release Kelly from his contract as protests outside their Los Angeles and New York City locations continue. Lifetime channel premiered the six-part documentary on January 3, spotlighting Kelly’s inappropriate predatory behavior and alleged sexual assaults which stunned the world. Every since, Lady Gaga, Chance The Rapper and Ciara have pulled their collaborations with Kelly from streaming services as the #MuteRKelly movement found its second wind.

Kelly has been with Sony since the onset of his career and under contract with RCA —  its subsidiary label — since 2012. RCA released Kelly’s 12 Nights Of Christmas album in 2016, his follow-up to 2015’s The Buffet. Earlier this week, RCA said any new R. Kelly material was on hold, but it looks like that was only the beginning of the end for the R & B Singer.

R. Kelly has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in Illinois' Cook County, E! News has learned. Documents show that there are four alleged victims, with nine of Kelly's counts involving alleged victims ranging in age from 13 to 16. 
In the state of Illinois, the charge of criminal sexual abuse is a class 2 felony, with each charge carrying a maximum of three to seven years in prison sentence.
TMZ reported early Friday that two women had testified before a grand jury in Chicago, alleging that R. Kelly had sex with minors, with one of the women reportedly turning over physical evidence. According to the outlet, one of the alleged victims testified that she was underage when she had sex with R. Kelly between the years 2008 to 2010 in the state of Illinois.

UPDATE:  R. Kelly’s attorney has reportedly entered a not guilty plea on behalf of his client. According to CNN, Steve Greenberg entered the plea in a Chicago courtroom on Monday morning (February 25) ...fans post bail.

Image: WireImage/Prince Williams​

Netflix has no plans to cut 'Bird Box' scene despite outcry...

Netflix’s post-apocalyptic survival film “Bird Box” is drawing criticism for using footage of a real fiery train disaster but the streaming giant has no plans to remove it.  We ask for all the viewers...should they? The footage concerns a 2013 tragedy in the Quebec town of Lac-Megantic when an unattended train carrying crude oil rolled down an incline, came off the tracks and exploded into a massive ball of fire, killing 47 people. Netflix licensed the footage of the disaster from the stock image vendor Pond 5 and used it in “Bird Box” in an early TV news montage to set up its horrific premise. The Sandra Bullock-led thriller is about monstrous entities that compel any human who sees them to quickly try to kill themselves. To survive, they don blindfolds. 

The mayor of Lac-Megantic, Julie Morin, has decried the use of the footage in an interview with The Canadian Press, calling it “a lack of respect.” Criticism has also been leveled by Canadians on Twitter, who argue that the footage may trigger feelings of PTSD and additional victimization.
But the Lac-Megantic mayor and a Netflix representative talked Thursday and Morin said the conversation was productive. “They’ve committed to reflecting with their partners on the use of these images so that the situation does not repeat itself. We also felt they were sensitive to our citizens’ recovery. I’m satisfied with this exchange,” Morin said in a statement. It’s not the first time “Bird Box” has caused an outcry. YouTube is cracking down on a wave of users committing so-called “Bird Box Challenges” — like driving a car while blindfolded. ___
Associated Press reporter Tracey Lindeman in Ottawa contributed to this report.​


​Looks like Blac Chyna has been replace by an up and coming rapper Alexis Skye.  Alexis is the former girlfriend and baby moma of Fetty Wap. It was evident that the ladies will not be getting along when a brawl took place at a house party in California this past where Alexis confronted Blac Chyna about so words that were exchange over the internet.

​It looks like Blac Chyna is feeling some sort of way.  Her relationship with the Kardashians came to a head when she filed a lawsuit against them regarding her defunct show which is on going.  The three Kardianshian sister told Andy from WWHL this past week about the ongoing lawsuit.  What are yall thinking will it last or is it just a fly-by booting call. 


'VH1 Trailblazer Honors' celebrates director Ava DuVernay... 

“VH1 Trailblazer Honors” will pay tribute to Academy Award-nominated director Ava DuVernay to kick off Women’s History Month. The 46-year-old’s screenwriter includes the films “Selma,” ″13TH” and “A Wrinkle In Time.” The 2018 fantasy movie made her the highest-grossing female black director in domestic box office history... which rivaleed many of her counterparts not just in her own ethnicity but in the industry, DuVernay is a member of the board of Sundance Institute. She’s working on her next project, “Central Park Five,” and is overseeing production of her TV series “Queen Sugar.” “VH1 Trailblazer Honors” will air March 8 to coincide with International Women’s Day.

Born in Long Beach, California. She was raised with her younger sister Jina, by her mother, Darlene Maye, an educator, and her father, Joseph DuVernay Jr.. She grew up in Lynwood, California, which is near Compton.  Ava, was influenced to write about the experiences while visiting her father's child hood home in Alabama and places that effected her as a young child.  She dabbled in jouralism, interning during the O.J. Simpson trial. Through all her twists and turns in life one of the veering paths lead her to where she is right now. She has shown the world is not were you come from or started but where you end up! Congratulations to Ava...honor well deserved!  Send in your comments...
Photo: Hypehair.com/Essence